Managed Account

Delegate daily investment decisions to a Portfolio Manager

Together, we’ll draft an Investment Policy Statement which outlines your investor profile. Based on those guidelines, we’ll assume the investment decisions on an ongoing basis.  We’ll rebalance your investments whenever necessary and help them grow in a safe environment.

You pay us based on a % of the assets held in enrolled accounts. Accounts are charged monthly.

Available for households with $500,000+

Growing your money

Investing, a different way. We’ve created an investment methodology that looks beyond just stocks and bonds. We call it The Watermark Way.

  1. We look globally and track 7 asset groups:
    • Canadian Equities
    • International Equities
    • U.S. Equities
    • Bonds
    • Currencies
    • Commodities
    • Cash
  2. We invest in the 4 best performing asset groups.
  3. We evaluate all 7 asset groups through rigorous analysis and market research.
  4. If warranted, we rotate the 7 asset groups so that we are always holding the 4 best performing asset groups.

The result is a portfolio that is less volatile than the market. You experience a smoother ride that will allow you to stick to your plan so you can achieve your goals, faster.

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