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An open, candid, trusting interaction between the client and the advisor will go a long way to ensure that short and long-term goals and objectives are attained. In establishing your relationship with an advisor, keep the following in mind:
  • Define “success” at the outset of the relationship, and make sure your interests are aligned
  • Ensure that you (and your partner) are engaged in the discovery process that leads to the wealth management plan
  • You and your advisor must be open with each other about how the portfolio will be managed and the range of returns that should be expected
  • Ensure that the portfolio is managed according to a documented Investment Policy Statement (IPS)
  • Talk regularly about life changes that may affect how your portfolio will be managed, and how your advisor is will keep your portfolio aligned with your plan
We are independent financial advisors under the iA Private Wealth banner who have chosen to brand our team Watermark Stone Wealth.
On the MyPortfolio+ login page, directly under the password field, click “Forgot your password?”. The following webpage will ask for your username (8 digit number), the three middle numbers of your SIN, and your date of birth. You’ll then be asked to answer one of the security questions you set up when you registered for MyPortfolio+. The system will allow you to reset your password if you correctly answer your security question.

If you have trouble or can’t remember your username, call the Watermark Stone team and we will provide it to you.
A widely misunderstood concept is the distinction between an investment advisor, who is a comprehensive financial planner (skilled in all aspects of wealth management), and that of a salesperson (affiliated with proprietary products). A comprehensive financial planner, working as a registered investment advisor, is a legal fiduciary. As a fiduciary, an investment advisor must always provide services and advice, that are independent, free of bias, and always in the best interests of the client.
Discretionary management is what gives Portfolio Managers the unique ability to manage the day-to-day investment decisions in their clients’ accounts without speaking to the client before making those decisions. Watermark Stone Wealth’s Portfolio Managers sit down with clients to find out what the goals for the account(s) are, they then construct a portfolio to suit those individual requirements based on the framework they create called an Investment Policy Statement (IPS), which the client signs off on.
No, it does vary on occasion. Here are a few future RRSP contribution deadlines:



Contribution Deadline

Maximum Contribution*



March 1, 2021


* 18% of earned income you reported on your tax return in the previous year, up to the year's maximum
We require your personal information in order to establish a relationship with you and provide you with the best possible service. Your signature, financial history, current financial position, social insurance number, age and other similar personal information allow us to:
  • establish your identity,
  • assess your eligibility for our investment products and services,
  • offer you the full range of products and services that meet your changing needs,
  • protect you (and us) from error and fraud.
We also require your personal information to meet regulatory or contractual requirements relating to the products and services provided to you. For more details, and to read our entire Privacy Policy, please visit the iA Securities website. Privacy Policy
Absolutely! However, as your privacy is our utmost concern, we would first need written authorization from you before we can speak to anyone about your portfolio.
Our treats are supposed to be for clients only, but our team occasionally gets into the goodies. On average, our clients consume about 527 treats annually. With our team’s help, that number often climbs as high as 700. Nothing is better than sharing a cup of coffee and some baked goods with our clients while doing what we love!
Managed and Advisory Accounts
In both managed and advisory accounts, clients pay a simple percentage of the assets held in enrolled accounts. The overall rate declines as the value of your assets grow. The payment is calculated based on the daily value of your account and is charged on a monthly basis. Certain non-chargeable investments may be held in your advisory or managed account(s) for convenience, but are discounted from the asset-based calculation. The payments for non-registered accounts are tax deductible, so every year we send you an annual summary report.
The pictures that we have used on our site are pictures that we have either purchased, taken personally by members of the team, or supplied to us by our wonderful photographer friends: Peter Istvan and Deb Griffith. We are honoured to be able to showcase their work on our site.