At Watermark Stone Wealth, we do not “sell” products.  Our only compensation comes from direct payments from our clients. We have no financial incentive to use one investment vehicle over another. We are fee-based, meaning that our management fee is calculated each month on the total value of your portfolio at month end. You see the fee; it is 100% transparent, and there are no hidden additional fees.

Fee-based compensation ensures that we remain unbiased in our client-advisor relationship while maintaining that fiduciary client-centered responsibility.

Selecting the “right” advisor

In selecting an advisor, you must evaluate your own investing expertise, discipline, and time availability in order to fully determine whether you can achieve comparable returns on your own. While fees are important, they are of secondary consideration to the quality of your advisor. While a good advisor can create tremendous value for you, a bad one can have an equally negative effect.

Establishing a strong relationship with a trustworthy and competent financial advisor is the key to wealth management success. Your search for this relationship is likely why you have been referred to our site by a current client. We are a “by referral only” wealth management firm, relying on our existing client relationships to attract new clients like yourself.