Who we are

About Watermark Wealth Management

Our team is devoted to providing you with personalized, knowledgeable wealth management and portfolio strategies.

Relationships are important to Watermark Wealth Management. Perhaps that’s because our founders, Chuck Magyar, David Lyon, and Steward Istvan have enjoyed such a long-lasting relationship. 34 years ago the trio graduated from Royal St. Georges College. These high school friends have not only managed to remain friends for 34+ years, but the three of them joined together as partners in May of 2005, taking over the Forest Hill Branch at HollisWealth and molding it into what is now Watermark Wealth Management.

The Team

Chuck Magyar, CIM, FCSI
Portfolio Manager
Director, Private Client Group, HollisWealth® – a division of Industrial Alliance Securities Inc.
BA (Economics), University of Western Ontario

Chuck is our down to earth Portfolio Manager and the driving force behind The Watermark Way and Little Watermark Way. He started his 25+ year career in the financial world by trading his own money - both on the Toronto and Montreal Exchanges. There he gained a depth of knowledge about the markets through researching, designing, and implementing his own trading systems.

A founding member of Watermark Wealth Management, Chuck’s down to earth attitude allows him to put himself into your shoes so he can create wealth strategies to reach your unique life goals.

As a Portfolio Manager, Chuck is a member of an elite group of professionals who are uniquely licensed to make daily investment decisions for their clients. There are approximately 121,000 licensed wealth professionals in Canada, of whom, only 5,700 are Portfolio Managers – that puts Chuck in the top 5% of his profession.

Chuck is kept busy at home by his wife, Charlotte, and their two children. Chuck is very active with the Midweek Cycling Club; he's a member of the board, participates in races, and volunteers to help organize and run club events.

Some of Chuck’s key roles at Watermark include:

  • Investment research
  • Retirement advice
  • Wealth planning
  • Tax & Estate planning

David Lyon
Investment Advisor/Insurance Advisor
HollisWealth® – a division of Industrial Alliance Securities Inc., HollisWealth Insurance Agency Ltd.
BA (Economics), University of Western Ontario

David is our planning and mutual fund master mind. Before partnering with Stewart Istvan and Chuck Magyar to form Watermark Wealth Management, he held positions at RBC. There he wore many hats as he moved up the ranks, gaining extensive knowledge in many different aspects of the financial world.

David heads our Summit platform and can regularly be seen at mutual fund conferences rubbing shoulders with mutual fund managers to get insight into the markets so he can steer your money into the right places at the right times.

David loves working with clients. He spends masses of time crunching financial planning numbers so people can stay on track towards achieving their goals.

His commitment to life-long learning currently has him working towards two designations; the CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER® and the Chartered Investment Manager (CIM).

In his home life David and his wife, Ursula, love chasing after their two children, and their dog, Chase. David enjoys Masters swimming, platform tennis, golf, and skiing. He sits on the board of Caledon Ski Club and delights in passing his love of sports on to his kids.

Some of David’s key roles at Watermark include:

  • Wealth Planning
  • Tax & Estate Planning
  • Client Education
  • Debt Management
  • Insurance Planning
  • Mutual Funds

Stewart Istvan
Licensed Assistant, HollisWealth® – a division of Industrial Alliance Securities Inc.,
Marketing & Client Relations
BA (Economics), University of Western Ontario

Spending most of his working career to date in the pharmaceutical industry, Stewart jumped ship to the financial industry in May of 2005. That’s when he partnered with Chuck Magyar and David Lyon, becoming the marketing associate for the Watermark/HollisWealth® team.

Stewart spends most of his working day connecting with current clients and/or prospects that have been referred on to us.  He is a personable, caring, and understanding member of the team.

The decision to partner with Chuck and Dave was an easy one for Stewart as the three of them have been friends since their youth.  Trust is implicit amongst the three which is so crucial in this business. They truly do put the clients’ best interests first and foremost.

Stewart’s three children keep him hopping outside of the office. In his spare time he enjoys cycling, playing tennis, cooking and relaxing at the cottage. Stewart is also very active with Pedaling for Parkinson’s – a fundraising campaign his brother initiated in 2011.

Some of Stewart’s key roles at Watermark include:

  • Introducing people to Watermark Wealth Management’s services
  • Keeping clients up to date through this website
  • Client programs & projects
  • Informational e-newsletters, blogs and tweets

Kate Greenwood
Licensed Assistant, HollisWealth® – a division of Industrial Alliance Securities Inc.
Insurance Advisor, HollisWealth® Insurance Agency Ltd.
Marketing Management Diploma, Centennial College

Kate’s been a member of the HollisWealth® (formerly DundeeWealth) family since 2004, and joined the Watermark Wealth Management team in 2008.

Kate’s key roles within Watermark Wealth Management are keeping daily communications streamlined and our daily processes efficient to fulfill our goal of providing exceptional service to our clients.

Stewart Istvan and Kate work closely on client communications including website updates, blog posts, e-newsletters, and tweets.

Having become insurance licensed in 2015, Kate also assists David Lyon and our Insurance Consultants in making sure our clients’ wealth is protected against both market risk and health risk.

Kate’s home life is cornered around three tall men; her husband, Peter, and his two adult kids. Kate and her husband are active people who enjoy cycling, travelling, and playing with their dog, Zoe.

Some of Kate’s key roles at Watermark include:

  • Transfers from other institutions, portfolio consolidations, new accounts
  • Cheque deposits, electronic money transfers, and automatic deposits
  • Inquiries regarding our Managed & Summit platforms
  • Scheduling appointments
  • Changes to your personal information (address, phone, email, etc.)
  • General account enquiries such as tax slips, and capital gain information
  • Informational e-newsletters, blogs, and tweets

Sophie Moryoussef
Insurance Consultant, HollisWealth® Insurance Agency Ltd.
B.Sc. (Actuarial Sciences), University of Montreal

Sophie has over twenty years of experience in the insurance industry. While working in marketing and product development at the insurance company level she gained insight into all aspects of the insurance world. Most recently, Sophie has become an integral part of Watermark Wealth Management, working closely with the team and rounding out our brain trust providing insurance planning, wealth planning, and estate planning to our clients.

Sophie‘s warm smile and easy-going personality always place a conversational feeling to her meetings. Sophie’s attention to detail allows her to truly understand the person before her so she can provide the most useful insurance solutions, and most comprehensive financial and estate plans to suit each client, and their families.

Sophie is married and has two wonderful children. She is family oriented and enjoys skiing, dancing and gatherings with friends and family. Her French accent and friendly attitude always put a smile on people’s faces. Her love for travelling will come in handy during her retirement years.

Some of Sophie’s key roles at Watermark include:

  • Insurance Planning
  • Wealth Planning
  • Tax & Estate Planning

“Dealing with the team at Watermark Wealth Management allows me peace of mind. With all of the global financial market instability, it is comforting to know that Chuck, Dave, Stewart and Kate are at the helm allowing me to rest easy and stay focused on the longer term outcome. They are available to take my call whenever I have a question and their proactive approach to market conditions has always been of value to me. My investments, while important, are only one aspect of the overall plan. The team takes a holistic approach to other aspects of my life such as post education schooling for my children, retirement, travel, insurance, tax planning and long term care considerations down the road. I have been working with the team at Watermark Wealth Management since 2005 and I look forward to a continued partnership for many more years to come.”

Cathy T., April 10, 2017