What we do

Investment Philosophy

Our investment philosophy is simple. We believe that the markets are not always efficient and, as a result, there are periods of over valuations and under valuations as well as periods of low risk and high risk. Trying to anticipate short term directions in the markets is futile and that successful investing requires a long term time horizon. Utilizing a very disciplined and focused approach to investing, as well as our own Watermark Way (TWW), we are able to capitalize on positive trends in the global market while mitigating market volatility.

In addition, we take our fiduciary responsibility extremely seriously. Our primary allegiance is to you, the client. We do not sell any products and our fee-only approach ensures objectivity.

Walk It Like You Talk It

If we are going to talk the talk, we’ve got to walk the walk and with that said you can take comfort knowing that our own personal assets are invested in the same manner. We follow the exact same set of investing principles and our portfolios match those of our clients.

“Sheri and I were in to see Chuck, Dave and Sophie (the HollisWealth® specialist in estate planning) last week to sort through ways of minimizing the risks we face in our senior years. Our discussions ranged from will structure, to long term illness insurance, as well as ways of reducing the tax hit that could occur if we pass on before we are able to spend our RRSPs/RIFs. They are doing a great job of considering the whole picture that we and our family face over the next few decades. As we left I noted to Chuck that the TSX was down over 2% that day. His comment was ‘don’t worry; your investments are doing fine’. So I checked three days later: the market was down 2.75% at the end of that week but our portfolio was actually up by almost 0.2%. Seems that Chuck’s Watermark Way (TWW) really does mitigate volatility!”

Ralph and Sheri R.,
April 2017