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At Watermark Wealth Management, we do not “sell” products, so our only compensation comes from direct payments from our clients. Many traditional investment advisors earn their fees via commissions by selling you products; these fees are hidden (but of course, perfectly legal!), and you are often paying more than you realize. We have no financial incentive to use one investment vehicle over another. We are fee-based meaning that our management fee is calculated each month on the total value of your portfolio at month end. You see the fee, it is 100% transparent, and there are no hidden additional fees.

Fee-based compensation ensures that we remain unbiased in our client-advisor relationship while maintaining that fiduciary client-centered responsibility.

Keep In Mind...

While fees are important, they're not the primary issue. Having a trustworthy and competent financial advisor is the key and that is why you have been referred to our site by a current client of ours. We are a “by referral only” wealth management firm and a good advisor can create tremendous value for you and a bad one can destroy value. Additionally, you must consider your own investing abilities, discipline and time availability to determine whether you could have achieved comparable returns on your own. For these reasons, fees, while important, are of secondary importance to the quality of your advisor.

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