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We spend a lot of time crunching numbers! This means that our investment and planning advice is made with dedication and care. Together we will strive to safely reach your wealth and retirement goals.

About Watermark Stone Wealth

Our team is devoted to providing you with personalized, knowledgeable wealth management and portfolio strategies.

About HollisWealth

At HollisWealth®, we approach wealth management from a different perspective.  A perspective rooted in the thinking that we should have deeper relationships with advisors and their clients. Helping them grow, helping them succeed, helping them reach their full potential.


We take the guesswork out of your finances, helping you plan for the future so you are prepared for whatever comes next.


We get a full picture of your starting point and your destination. Together, we’ll craft an integrated plan that will outline your journey to success.


Our professional money managers will help you grow your money safely over the long term by providing financial solutions and guidance tailored to you.


During our planning process, we’ll craft a comprehensive risk avoidance plan that takes care of you and your family.


Adept estate planning involves more than just “making a will.” We can assist you in developing and implementing an integrated, effective estate plan.


In both managed and advisory accounts, clients pay us a simple percentage of the assets held in enrolled accounts. The overall rate declines as the value of your assets grow. You see what you pay. It is 100% transparent.

  • I’ve been dealing with the team at Watermark Stone Wealth for years. I can say without doubt, you will never, and I mean never, meet a greater, more professional, knowledgeable, warm and friendly group in your lifetime. I truly love this group and all that they have done for me, and my wife. I owe them so much for looking after our financial successes.

    Tony L.
  • It's been a pleasure working with Watermark/HollisWealth® over the years because of their professionalism, subject knowledge and likable personalities. I would highly recommend the team at Watermark to anyone needing financial advice and/or assistance.

    Mike and Mary D.
  • Judy and I have been clients of HollisWealth® for many years, and have nothing but praise for the team's professionalism, knowledge, and personal approach. They always respond to requests and questions quickly and we have benefitted from their knowledge and assistance on many occasions. Chuck, Dave, Stewart, and Kate have excellent product knowledge, and are all extremely personable. We have recommended and would continue to recommend Watermark/HollisWealth® to anyone needing financial advice and/or assistance.

    Bob and Judy S.


We would love to start helping you with your wealth management needs.

    Prefer to use your phone and speak with us live?  You can reach us at +1 416 785-0513 or +1 866 785-0513

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